DPAP Counselling

DPAP Counselling is a free counselling and support program of the British Columbia Dental Association. Its mandate is to promote the health and well-being of dentists and the dental team. Individuals with challenges affecting their work, family or personal life, or general well-being can receive help from dental personnel who are professionally trained clinical counsellors.

Since its inception in 1981, the DPAP has assisted hundreds of individuals with concerns ranging from marital, legal, financial, physical and mental health; to alcoholism and drug addiction, job stress, self-esteem, grief and loss; to anxiety, anger management, burnout and depression. Some just needed to talk and "get things off their chest" while others have benefited from short-term counselling. More extensive psychotherapy had been recommended to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I assured of confidentiality?

Yes. Here are the facts:

The DPAP is operated independently by Dr. John Palmer, MC, (RCC), Program Director and Ms. Toni Pieroni, MA, (RCC), each working from private counselling offices. John and Toni answer their own phones and voicemail.

What services are provided?

  • Assessment and short-term counselling by two dental personnel with Master's level training as counsellors.
  • Referral to specialised resources when necessary
  • Ongoing follow-up and emotional support
  • Anonymous telephone assistance
  • Intervention planning and facilitation
  • Preventative education through lectures, workshops, articles and recommended reading


Dr. John Palmer, BDS, MC, RCC 

Ms. Toni Pieroni, RDH, MA, RCC 

Members' Assistance Program (MAP)
The Members Assistance Program (MAP) is a no-cost support program for dentists, dental staff and family members. Costs of the program are borne by the CDSPI through your CDA membership.

MAP provides confidential assistance any time around the clock, seven days a week, dealing with work-related issues such as stress and anxiety, depression, substance abuse, bereavement, coping with disabilities, financial and legal matters. MAP provides confidential advice and information by putting you in touch with experienced professionals such as psychologists, addiction counsellors, financial counsellors, social workers and lawyers. Clients receive up to five hours of free counselling by telephone or by appointment (in most cities). Face-to-face appointments can be made within five working days.

MAP is administered by CDSPI through a service provided by CHC - Working Well, a national Employee AssistanceProgram.

For assistance in:
English - 1.800.268.5211
French - 1.800.363.387

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