Every year, the CDABC presents a range of awards designed to honour and recognize the contribution of exceptional dental assistants in BC. The majority of award nominations are collected in November-December, but Student Awards are given throughout the year. Browse below to find out more about each award.

The deadline for 2019 Award Submissions is January 27, 2020.

Certified Dental Assistant Recognition Award

Recognition of a CDABC member who

  1. on a day-to-day basis, demonstrates pride in our profession;
  2. exhibits exemplary certified dental assisting skills; leadership among co-workers; high ethical and professional standards;
  3. embodies the spirit of the certified dental assistant professional.

Any person can nominate a CDABC member for the CDA Recognition Award, including colleagues, employers, patients, members of the public, etc.

It is the hope of the CDABC to give out as many of these awards as possible each year to deserving certified dental assistants. Nominations are collected in November and December of each year and are reviewed by the Awards Committee.

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Outstanding Dedication to a Local CDA Society

  1. This award is presented in support of local societies, to an active member or members who have contributed tirelessly to the performance and future of their local society.
  2. The recipient(s) is/are an active member of the CDABC.
  3. Only one award may be presented to an individual society in a given year.  This may be either an individual society member or a group of individuals within the society that have made significant contributions to the society.

Nominations are collected in November and December and are reviewed by the Awards Committee.

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Certificate of Merit

Recognition of any individual who has provided special service to certified dental assisting within the province of British Columbia. Nominees will have been involved with:

  1. the promotion of education and skills of certified dental assisting to the public at either a local or provincial level;
  2. continuing education or promotion of the profession to the dental community;
  3. activities that develop an increased level of professional awareness and a sense of pride in the profession of certified dental assisting; or
  4. exceptional service on behalf of the certified dental assisting profession.

Nominations are collected in November and December and are reviewed by the Awards Committee.

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Distinguished Service Award

Recognition of an active member who has given exceptional service and commitment to the CDABC in a given year or for outstanding service over a number of years. The recipient:

  1. has been active by service on the CDABC Board for one or more terms, and/or has participated on one or more CDABC committees;
  2. will have shown exceptional dedication and commitment to the promotion of the profession;
  3. will be of outstanding professional character and embody the spirit of certified dental assisting; and
  4. whose involvement and commitment extends beyond the inherent responsibilities of their position(s) within the CDABC.

Nominations are collected in November and December and are reviewed by the Awards Committee.

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25 Year CDA Certificate

To honour CDAs who have been in practice in BC for 25 years or more, the CDABC offers the 25-Year Certificate as a gesture to recognise dedicated, long-term healthcare professionals in our field.

To qualify for this award, the certified dental assistant must 

1. have been a CDA for a minimum of 25 years;
2. hold current certification with the College of Dental Surgeons of BC; and
3. be a current active CDABC member.

Members can email our office to apply for the certificate.

 Student Awards

Student Award of Excellence

This award is presented to a student at each of the accredited certified dental assisting programs in BC who demonstrates a high level of professionalism, ethics, and spirit of cooperation. The recipient is selected by school faculty.

  • The recipient must be a CDABC student member.
  • The faculty will select the recipient. 
  • An award will be made available to each of the accredited certified dental assisting programs in BC. 
  • Only one award per calendar year is available to each of the accredited programs. 
  • Notification of the award will be sent by the Executive Director to the certified dental assisting programs each fall.
  • The award will consist of a framed certificate and complimentary CDABC Active membership for one year. 

The dental assisting programs will notify the CDABC of their selection a minimum of 30 days in advance of the presentation ceremony to allow for CDABC arranging a Board member or staff person to attend to present the award on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Download the Student Award of Excellence nomination form.

Student Membership Grant

In September of each year, the CDABC issues an invitation to the educational institutions (that educate future certified dental assistants) to participate in our student membership drive.

The CDA program that has the highest percentage of enrolment of CDABC student members will receive a grant of one hundred dollars to be used for graduation. CDABC will contact the CDA program with the highest percentage of student membership and make arrangements to allow for a CDABC Board of Directors member or staff person to attend to present the grant on behalf of CDABC. 

General Award Criteria

  1. All nominations and applications will be reviewed by the Awards Committee, with the committee’s recommendations going forward to the CDABC Board of Directors for their consideration.
  2. CDABC Awards will be presented to the recipients at the President’s Reception held at the annual Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver. 
  3. Award recipients will also be acknowledged at the CDABC Annual General Meeting, in “Certified News”, and on the CDABC website.
  4. CDABC Awards need not be presented on an annual basis. 
  5. With the exception of the Certified Dental Assistant Recognition Award, all other CDABC Awards must be nominated by a CDABC active member. 
  6. No currently serving board or awards committee member is eligible for consideration for any CDABC Award. 
  7. Any individual whose registration and/or licence is suspended or revoked by the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals; who willingly or purposefully works against the objectives of the Certified Dental Assistants of BC; or who contravenes the CDABC Code of Ethics is not eligible for any CDABC Award.
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