Professional Liability Insurance

CDABC recommends CDAs be covered by their own malpractice insurance policy. As a professional in the dental industry, there is always the possibility of a malpractice claim or lawsuit. Regardless of fault, it can be costly, time consuming and negative for your reputation in the industry. Professional liability insurance safeguards you in these situations.

My employer provides me with coverage – why do I need more?

Many employers offer professional liability programs, but can you be certain of what their policy covers? There is also the possibility that their coverage may have lapsed or reached its claim limit, leaving you financially exposed in the event of a claim. Your own policy allows you a clear view of what your policy includes and for how much. 

If you do contract work after hours, volunteer or even provide casual advice to a friend or neighbour, your employer paid policy may not cover you. You could be held financially liable for any work performed outside of your regular working hours. 

Aon's Professional Liablity Program for Certified Dental Assistants of British Columbia

Aon's program, available to members of CDABC, includes broad coverage features and policies specific to dental assistants. Features include: 

  • Coverage the day you enroll
  • Zero deductible
  • $2 million limit per incident
  • Dedicated claims support. 

The insurance costs $26 + tax and runs from February 1st to January 31 the following year. In order for your insurance to be valid, you must renew February 1st onward, and not prior to this date. Find out more information on the policy here.

Purchase Professional Liability Insurance

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