New Fraudulent Activities in Industry

Monday, July 20, 2020

The Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC) has alerted us to a new form of PPE scam that they have reported. This is of particular importance to our members as the scam is being reported in B.C.

As we know, PPE is in high demand and bad actors are making efforts to divert medical-grade protective equipement away from dental offices. So far, this has occurred through two scenarios:

Scenario A

  • A person posing as a Dentist/Dental Assistant etc.  from a legitimate dental office places an order with a distributor who then processes the order and has it shipped to the legitimate dental office address.The fraudsters then pose as representatives from the distributor, contacts the legitimate dental office and advises these products were shipped in error and they will be sending a courier company to pick them up to which they are then re-routed to a hotel, warehouse etc.

Scenario B

  • The fraudster poses as an employee of the distributor and asks the courier company to re-direct legitimate orders from the distributor to a new address.

These perpetrators seem to be very organized, convincing and looking for victims so be extremely vigilant in your order and delivery processes. Discuss this issue with your dental customers and engage their help in the control of fraud for the benefit of the whole dental community.


Read the whole DIAC Briefing here


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