Priority access to COVID-19 booster vaccination for CDSBC registrants and their staff

Friday, December 17, 2021

Immunize BC has advised that in early January 2022, community health care workers will be invited to receive a COVID-19 booster based on the interval from your Dose 2 vaccination. 

CDSBC registrants (and your staff) who self-identify as health care workers on the Get Vaccinated system will receive an invitation for their booster dose when they become eligible. The current invitation applies to those in the following categories:

  • Health Authority community staff, physicians and workers (Category 4) – includes all Health Authority care staff, health professionals and workers working in non-hospital areas and other Health Authority administrative, corporate staff, including students. Note that individuals in this category have likely already been contacted about this through your employer.
  • Other Community Staff, Physicians and Workers (Category 5) – includes all non-Health Authority health providers, staff and other workers in the community health sector, including students. CDSBC registrants working in private dental offices fit into this category. Those registrants who employ others may share this invitation with your staff so they can also register for their booster shot (includes non-regulated staff).

The steps to register and your access code are outlined below.

Steps to Self-Identify as a Community Health Care Worker

In order to receive an invitation, eligible individuals (as described above) should follow these steps as soon as possible. The Get Vaccinated system will send you an invite when it’s your time to book a booster. 

1. Gather the following information to complete your self-identification on the system: 

  • Personal Health Number (found on the back of your Driver’s License or CareCard) 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Date of a previous COVID-19 vaccine (either Dose 1 or Dose 2) 
  • Target Population Access Code*: H3962N! (Important: This access code is confidential and intended only for health care workers – it is not transferable and anyone who is not eligible to use this code will be turned away at the clinic.)

2. Go to the provincial Get Vaccinated website for COVID-19 boosters, target populations here: If you are not yet registered on the Get Vaccinated website, you will be directed to a webpage to do so before you are able to complete this step.

3. After you have entered your information on the target self identification site, you will be redirected to a second page to indicate which specific category you fall into. If any of the information you enter does not match what is on file, you may be redirected to contact the call centre for assistance and to verify your information.

4. Once you complete these steps, you are identified in the system and will be invited when it’s your turn to book an appointment. Please wait for your invite rather than phoning the call centre. Drop-ins at clinics or pharmacies are not permitted for booster shots. On the day of your appointment, bring an employee ID, badge or paystub, if you have one. 


For more detail, read this letter (PDF) from Dr. Penny Ballem, Senior Executive Lead at Immunize BC.

For questions or assistance, contact Get Vaccinated at 1-833-838-2323 (toll free)

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