Remember to Register for your 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine second dose.

Please check that you are registered with B.C.'s “Get Vaccinated” system to complete your COVID-19 immunization (schedule second dose). In order to receive your second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, you must register with B.C.’s provincial “Get Vaccinated” system. By registering with the “Get Vaccinated” system, you are providing the contact information that will make it possible for you to be notified directly when it’s time for your second dose. Your first dose of vaccine was recorded in the system, and registering will connect it to your profile. This includes health care professionals who received your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine via invitation from your local health authority. This is especially relevant if you received your first dose prior to the rollout of the provincial booking system in mid-April! 

To register now, visit You will be notified by email or text when it's time for you to book an appointment for your second dose. If you experience difficulty booking, please call 1-833-838-2323 (open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) for assistance.

If you have not yet received your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine: Register and book your appointment now through the public "Get Vaccinated" system (unless your local health authority has asked you to use another booking option for health care providers).

CDABC is sharing health authorities information and scheduled invitations to our members. We share such information as we receive it. However, our association is not involved in the decisions nor scheduling of vaccination programs in BC. As B.C. has five regional health authorities it is important to check with your actual health authority as information and plans change rapidly. Please check with BC covid-19 vaccine plan for further information.

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