Statement on Regulating Health Professions

Friday, January 10, 2020



The Cayton report has found that the provincial regulatory framework for health professionals fails to support regulatory colleges in fulfilling their mandate, stating that the Health Professions Act “is no longer adequate for modern regulation.”

There is also concern that the current model of regulation has allowed for promotion of the interests of the profession over the interests of the public. The report identifies a lack of public trust in regulators and a lack of “relentless focus on the safety of patients” as inadequacies of the current model.

In considering how to modernize health profession regulation, the steering committee is guided by three objectives:

  • Improve patient safety and public protection.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory framework.
  • Increase public confidence through transparency and accountability.

So, what does this mean for CDAs in BC?

  • There could be one "Oral Health" college, regulating all dental and oral health professionals, including CDAs, Dental Techs, Dental Hygienists, Denturists etc.
  • There will be more transparency and reporting regarding the complaint process.
  • We can inform the steering committee of our stance; that CDAs need to be formally educated, have passed the national competence exam and be licensed in order to practice.  CDA title and duties are protected and have clear standards of practice.

The CDABC board has been and will continue to be active in its efforts to ensure CDAs' voices are heard by decision-makers at all levels. Regardless how the profession is regulated, we will still advocate for and be the voice of CDAs’ in BC.

We at CDABC would like to encourage you all to read the steering committee report, which is linked below.

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